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PLAY Autism Intervention is an evidence-based, high-quality program that helps young children improve their language, development, behavior, social skills, and autism severity. 

Through PLAY Project services, you will learn to:

• Identify your child’s unique strengths and needs.
• Manage feeding and toileting needs
• Make every interaction a growing and learning experience.
• Apply the play project principles, methods, and techniques.
• Effectively respond to your child’s behavior.
• Prepare for your child for kindergarten.

A year of PLAY Autism Intervention Services typically includes ten (10) three (3) hour monthly home visits from a Certified PLAY Project Consultant with the following services and support:

  • Modeling and coaching services to help improve the interaction between parent and child
  • Direct play between child and PLAY Project Consultant
  • Follow-up PLAY Plan with video recording and guidance for activities between visits.
  • Family support: ongoing email and phone call to ensure families get resources, help
  • with school, and help with other needs.
  • Case review and feedback on your child’s development from Richard Solomon, MD,
  • developmental and behavioral pediatrician. This is exclusive to the PLAY Project at Ann Arbor Center.

You and your Certified PLAY Project Consultant become partners in your child’s progress. 

PLAY empowers you to have a closer, more satisfying relationship with your child!

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PLAY Autism Intervention 

An evidenced-based program for toddlers and preschool-age children